All of our machines are MIELE - the world's leader in laundry care - with over 100 years experience in washing machine technology. Laundry washed and dried in MIELE machines will look brand-new for years and the life cycle of hotel linen will last the required 3-5 years.
MIELE machines are constructed of stainless steel and have a patented "honeycomb" drum which is specially constructed so as not to snare, rip or shred laundry. MIELE dryers have the highest G factor which guarantees the lowest moisture content in your linen for reduced drying time.
We offer customers the choice of 6,5 kg, 10 kg, and extra large capacity 16 kg washing machines and large capacity dryers. Self serve customers can also use our 160 cm MIELE pressing machine.

MIELE is the award winning producer of washing technology the world over, dedicating intense research and development to continuously improve their machines and guaranteeing the highest quality control measures.

Further, it is prohibited from using chlorine based whiteners in MIELE machines. This means that we CANNOT use aggressive chemicals to clean your laundry. Rather we employ the old, tried and true methods to obtain maximum cleanliness and brightness of your laundry - by spot treating stains and soaking - the way grandma used to do it!!!

We use only the highest quality professional detergents and fabric softeners by leading or renomed suppliers.

Wash & Go guarantees that your laundry will be:

  • Sparkling clean due to our 3-step quality control process:
    • before washing
    • during the wash and dry process
    • before packing and expediting your laundry
  • The life-cycle of your laundry will be longer due to the fact that:
    • All of our machines are by MIELE - the world's leader in laundry technology with specially designed drums that will not snare or shred your laundry
    • We do not use aggressive chemicals to clean stains, and yet your laundry will be sparkling clean
    • Your colors will remain intact
  • Individually treated and not mixed in with the laundry of other customers
  • Returned in the exact amount and type as delivered
  • "Hand-made" - your laundry is handled more by our professionally trained staff than by machines
  • We are open to the public and we welcome our customers to visit our facility and see for themselves our declared processes