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Self Service Laundry

We offer our customers the best in laundry technology from the world's leader in washing machine's - Miele.

Customers can choose from 6,5 kg, 10 kg, and 16 kg washing machines, dryers, extra large capacity dryers and the use of a pressing machine for their specific laundry needs. Also available for customer use is iron and ironing board. Of course our helpful staff is always ready to assist and guide you in your selection. For extra dirty laundry we have a especially reserved washing machine just for this purpose. The price for one wash also includes customer's choice of detergent and fabric softener.

In addition to clothes and standard household textiles you can wash and dry

  • goose down comforters and pillows,
  • wool bed clothing,
  • carpets and runners,
  • lawn furniture cushions,
  • bedspreads, curtains,
  • sleeping bags and blankets,
and a variety of other items that simply can't be laundered at home.

Customer Care Service

You know the feeling - too little time, lots of other priorities and heaps of dirty clothes. Rid yourself of one small problem by having our professionally trained staff take care of your laundry needs and you can have time for more important things.

Anytime from 7:00 to 20:00, Monday to Saturday, you can drop-off your laundry and within 24 hours pick-up your clean, dry, and ironed items. Of course we also offer Express Same Day Service!  Our only condition is that your laundry is pre-sorted and you select the desired program. Of course our helpful staff is always ready to assist and guide you in your selection.

Client Laundry Service

We offer complete Client Laundry Care including pick-up and delivery for Hotels, Restaurants and Wellness Centers.

We offer unconditionally the highest quality in laundry care.

We guarantee that we wash only and only your laundry in the world's best machines by Miele. Our customers recognize the quality of Miele and know that their laundry will have an extended life-cycle.
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Additionally our customers receive their laundry delivered in the amount and type as picked-up with one difference - clean, fresh smelling, ironed and folded per client specifications.

We do not wash industrial laundry (factory or auto services) and we do not wash hospital laundry or laundry that may have come into contact with infectious materials.

Wash & Go guarantees that your laundry will be:

  • Sparkling clean due to our 3-step quality control process:
    • before washing
    • during the wash and dry process
    • before packing and expediting your laundry
  • The life-cycle of your laundry will be longer due to the fact that:
    • All of our machines are by MIELE - the world's leader in laundry technology with specially designed drums that will not snare or shred your laundry
    • We do not use aggressive chemicals to clean stains, and yet your laundry will be sparkling clean
    • Your colors will remain intact
  • Individually treated and not mixed in with the laundry of other customers
  • Returned in the exact amount and type as delivered
  • "Hand-made" - your laundry is handled more by our professionally trained staff than by machines
  • We are open to the public and we welcome our customers to visit our facility and see for themselves our declared processes
To receive quotes for our services or for more information please call us at:
0918 509 052, or write us at:, or personally come and see for yourself - Wash & Go, Stromova 38, Trnava.

Special Laundry Programs

Pillows & Comforters

Our machines are programmed to launder pillows and comforters using repeated wash and rinse cycles that guarantee that the inner contents
will be thoroughly washed and rinsed for maximum cleanliness and
hygiene. Of course this program is also valid for GOOSE DOWN and SYNTHETIC ANTI-ALLERGY bedding materials.

     Natural Wool Bedding Materials

         Our machines are programmed to launder natural wool bedding
     materials using special gentle washing cycles with extended soaking
     periods that guarantee that the wool will be thoroughly washed and
     rinsed for maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, the final spin
     cycle is programmed to reduce fiber damage and to maximally reduce
moisture content.

Towels and Terrycloth Items

Hotel and Penzion guests can immediately see and feel the quality
and standard of a Hotel or Inn by the cleanliness, softness and
quality of the towels, and bathrobes offered.  Miele machines have
patented honeycomb drums in both washers and dryers that
maximize the safety of terrycloth fibers and threads protecting them
from ripping and damage thereby guaranteeing their cleanliness and maximum softness.


         This program offers an alternative to fighting stains in the
     gastronomy industry by pre-treating and impregnating materials
     to resist stains, thereby reducing the need for more aggressive stain
     treatment and prolonging the lifecycle of micro textiles, gentle
     fabrics and even woven cottons.

Additionally, the special impregnation cycle is ideal for winter jackets and ski apparel. After treatment these items will be water and wind resistant.